How to Spot a Quality of Handcrafted Basketball Sneakers Pair?

Basketball players need sturdy and good-quality shoes to support them throughout the game. The shoes are crucial for their swift movement and help their feet sustain the pressure. That’s why the slightest issue with the quality can ruin the whole as well as the health of the player. That’s why we are sharing the ways to spot the quality of handcrafted basketball sneakers pair.

Understand the Structure

To understand the quality of a pair of basketball sneakers, you need to understand the structure of the shoes. The basketball shoes have three parts: upper, outer, and middle. All these three parts comprise to give support to the feet collectively.

Upper part 

The upper portion of the basketball shoes comprises the part which covers the front of your feet above the ankle. In determining the right upper part, you need to decide its length. You can choose from low, mid, and high ranges of length. These provide different styles and aesthetics to the shoes per the player’s taste.

However, this length also determines the support of the shoes. The higher upper part provides more support and stability. It gets wrapped around the ankle and provides better balancing. However, this also means the increased weight of the shoes.

Mid tops are for increasing the flexibility of the shoes for the players. They are also the middle option that balances the length and effects of low and high-range support. Last is the low length which offers higher speed as they are lightweight and agile. However, they have low ankle support due to their short length.

Several types of lace tying techniques exist to make the upper part more secure and functional. Some shoes also come with zippers and straps. So to determine the excellent quality of the handcrafted basketball sneakers, check the closing technique. Hooks, zippers, etc., offer convenience. Such add-ons in high-top sneakers offer additional support.

Middle Part

The middle part is also called the midsole. This part comprises the cushioning of the sneakers. The cushioning provides support and comfort to the feet. Good shoes come with the necessity of good cushioning. There are different types of foams also used to make the cushioning of the midsole. This material type is crucial to determining the quality of handcrafted basketball sneakers. For lighter cushioning, EVA or compressed EVA is used. On the other hand, polyurethane midsoles offer better sturdiness and durability.

Sometimes the handcrafted basketball sneakers also come with specifically prepared cushioning techniques. These can also be customized for particular purposes. In such customizations, a few pressure points are targeted and provided with extra support.

Mainly the heels and forefoot get the extra support. This reduces the stress from these points as they are exposed to the maximum of it. We will discuss the cushioning later in detail.

Outer Part 

The last part is the outer part. It is comprised of rubber or any other synthetic material mostly. It forms the traction point of the sneakers. Always remember to choose the handcrafted basketball sneakers with flat and wide outsoles. This helps in providing better balance as the surface area for grip increases. The shape of the outsole also matters in providing the right balance. The outsole with a hexagonal pattern offers better support. These also reduce the sliding of the sneakers. When designers make handcrafted basketball sneakers, they also think about indoor play. Outdoor players need to get more durable shoes as the outdoor playing conditions are more complicated than indoors. So choose a thicker sole.

Cushioning of the Soles

The central part of any sneaker is its cushioning. The sole can only provide the necessary support when it has good cushioning. There are different types of cushioning that you can see in the sneakers. Their type also determines the extent of their support and durability. To choose the right cushioning in your handcrafted basketball sneakers, look into these matters:


The height of the cushion also decides the distance between your feet and the ground. Higher cushioning means you will be at a higher distance from the floor. There is no standard or ideal cushioning height. Every player can choose it as per their own choice. Some players feel comfortable in higher cushioning as they feel more agility and swiftness in their movements.

On the other hand, some players say that low cushioning helps them in healthy balance and more control over their feet. So the key is to balance both heights. If the cushioning of the sole gets too high, it will not offer a good balance. This can also create the chance of injury. Also, the low cushioning will mean more proximity to the ground. This can reduce the protection from stress and pressure.


The next factor is the bounce of the cushion. It is concerned with the protection that cushion offers. This is determined by the cushion material as well as the setup. A cushion should not be too stiff or too soft. The cushion should offer a thoroughly targeted approach for every player’s need. For instance, guard players require much harder cushioning as it offers more support. However, the jumping players require softer cushioning to get more swift movements without pressurizing the feet. So the key is to balance the soft material’s responsiveness and the hard material’s protection. Players can check the cushioning by putting their weight on one foot while trying the sneakers.


The bottom part is where the sneakers get their grip on the ground. You can get sneakers that support agility or shifty. So always make sure that your handcrafted basketball sneakers have good traction, which offers support and is long-lasting.

Traction quality can be determined on two bases. One is indoor or outdoor, and the other is a traction pattern.

Environment to Play

Indoor traction is slightly different from outdoor traction. The indoor courts have softer flooring. This creates the requirement for a more substantial grip. Also, indoor floors are dusty, making them soft and challenging to grip. On the other hand, the outdoor floor has a more complex composition. That’s why the soles need to be more vital to last long. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the proper traction to avoid slippage and get more extended durability.


The traction pattern is the next thing you need to see in your handcrafted basketball sneakers. It is mainly concerned with the rubber pattern of the sneakers, which form the grip of the shoes. Multi-directional traction means more grip on the shoe. Such a pattern goes in all directions, creating more friction and a better grip. However, unidirectional patterns can be good for you if you want a smooth grip with less friction.


Choosing the correct type of handcrafted basketball sneakers is crucial for any player.

They can increase his performance or can ruin it. A player should opt for a sneaker with a firm grip but less weight. This helps provide better agility and swift movements while maintaining proper balance. In addition, the cushioning material should be soft, and the height should be balanced. Similarly, multi-directional traction patterns are preferable to unidirectional patterns.

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