How to Take Care of your New Pair of Italian Handmade Shoes?

When you buy a pair of new Italian handmade shoes, then you may feel elated. After all, they are one of the best shoes in the world, crafted with utmost detailing. They come out as a fantastic style statement piece that can uplift any outfit’s mood and vibe. Getting the most opulent and high-quality handcrafted Italian shoes is not easy. That’s why it also becomes crucial to maintain them. Also, you have to spend a good fortune on buying them. So as soon as you open your brand new shoes, you start worrying about handling them and taking care of them. However, it is also true that if you take care of them properly, they will look brand new for years. But you also need to take intensive care in understanding the type of leather and the materials used to make them. Also, the best solutions and ways to clean and maintain your shoes as per their build and material.

It is because every leather has its own needs and needs to be maintained differently. Moreover, the cleaning process plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality and condition of the shoes. The typical day-to-day storing is also crucial in determining the life cycle of your shoes. Now, if you feel overwhelmed to take care of your shoes so they don’t get snatched away from their beauty, then worry not. Here, we share the best tricks and tips to keep your handmade Italian shoes brand new. We are also sharing the proper process to clean them.

How to clean your shoes properly?

Cleaning your shoes in the right way is very crucial. It helps in removing all the dust and dirt particles. It cleans the shoes and also extends their life. However, when it comes to leather and handcrafted shoes, cleaning becomes much more crucial. You need to take extra care to clean correctly. Also, the products you use to clean the leather or any other shoe material should suit its type or quality. Every shoe material has its different properties. That’s why every shoe material is cleaned differently with different products. Also, the handling and the exterior you give the material while cleaning are crucial to keeping your shoes brand new. Here, we are sharing the right way of cleaning your shoes.

Step One

The first step is to prepare an area for cleaning. Be mindful that you will remove any dust and dirt particles from your shoes. You can’t just sit in your living room and start cleaning. You will create a mess in the whole area. That’s why to be mindful of preparing the area by spreading some newspaper under it or a cloth. Now let’s come to the primary step. Take a dry cloth of cotton or rayon. Start rubbing it on the shoe layer to clear any dry dust particles. This will remove the significant sand and dust accumulated on the shoe surface. The next step is to take a soft sponge and dip it into water. Then, clean the shoe surface with a wet sponge. Now let your shoes dry naturally. Always remember that quick drying by the dryer or other tools can damage your shoes.

Step Two

The next step is to condition your shoes. It prepares your shoes for polishing. That’s why the final result of the polishing looks smoother. The conditioning process also keeps your shoe surface moisturized. So it prevents the drying of your shoe leather or material. So whenever you feel that the shoe leather is dried or rough, apply a bit of conditioner. It would be best to condition your shoes every 5 to 10, polishing gaps. Also, use a soft cloth to apply conditioner to your shoes. This helps prevent any wear and tear on the surface during the application of the conditioner. Next, apply the conditioner in circular motions on the shoe surface. Then, at last, wipe off any extra product present on the shoe.

Step Three

The waxing process is based on the color of your shoes. Therefore, getting the wax from your original maker of the shoes is advised. However, it is a very tough task to execute. That’s why you can also choose a similar or near-to-perfect match for the color. When you apply a shoe polish to your shoes, make sure to apply it in circular motions similar to the conditioner. You can use a horseshoe brush for applying the polish, or you can also use a cloth. For best polishing results, try putting a few drops of water on the brush and then rub it gently on the surface where you have applied wax. This will give you a beautiful shine after hardening the wax layer on the shoe surface.

How to store your shoes properly?

The process of storing your shoes is also crucial in their maintenance. You might now always wear your shoes. That’s why when they are not in the open air, you should take proper care to keep them safe, especially for leather. Here are our few tips for storing your shoes properly to extend their life and keep them new.

Put shoe trees

The storing process also determines the shape of your shoes. If you don’t keep them properly, then the shape of the shoes can get altered, which can also result in cracking or tearing up. That’s why shoe trees come in very handy. These also help in keeping the moisture content in check. Mainly the cedar or Alderwood is perfect for shoe trees.

Polish your shoes regularly

To keep your shoe sound in storage, always remember to polish regularly. Then, you might store them and not wear them for long. However, it doesn’t mean you are free from the responsibility of not polishing them. This helps in maintaining their surface quality and retaining their color. Also, keeping your shoes well-polished and clean means you can wear them whenever you want without worrying about preparing them first.

Some other tips

There are also various other things you need to take care of to keep your shoes as new. So here, we are sharing some other side tips to maintain your handmade Italian shoes as new.

  • When you buy a new pair of handcrafted shoes, please don’t wearthem for long hours straight away. Instead, wear them for short durations, like for a few hours. This helps the shoe become accustomed to the shape of the feet. In addition, this reduces the chances of wear and tear due to stress.
  • Always dry your shoes after wearing them for long hours. Sweat, moisture, etc., is not suitable for your shoes. It can also create foul odors inside them.
  • Use a shoe tree to maintain the moisture and a shoehorn to maintain its shape.
  • Remember to get the right brushes and polishes for your shoes as per their build and material. Like for suede, the rubber or crepe brush is perfect.
  • Also, polishing always polishes in the same direction to keep the shine intact. This helps in making the surface smooth and shiny without much effort.

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